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The quality of a chosen funeral home is critical to the success of the end of life services that you are planning. When you are designing a funeral or memorial for someone you love, it makes sense that you should choose the best services to ensure a memorable day. At Peters Funeral Home, we understand the support that you need during this challenging time. We invite you to contact our team when you are preparing for funeral and cremation in Arvin, CA.


What makes Peters Funeral Home unique? We are focused on the needs of every family. So, you can expect personalized services while working with a team that truly cares about the outcome of the event. Not only will we take care of the arrangements that are needed, but our team always works behind the scenes to address paperwork, logistics, and more.


Services for Funeral and Cremation in Arvin, CA


Here is an overview of the services that might be considered for your funeral planning:


  • Burial: We have a range of vaults and caskets to ensure a respectful burial for your loved one. In addition to traditional burial, we can also support your desires if you would like to bury the ashes of your family member after cremation. Our team handles the coordination that is needed with the cemetery of your choice.

  • Cremation: In many instances, families choose cremation paired with a memorial or Celebration of Life. You can combine cremation with any other funeral services that meet the needs of your family members.

  • Direct Cremation: If you don’t want to worry about the stress of planning a funeral, then direct cremation might be the right choice to consider. This service allows you to minimize cost and eliminate the worries about large gatherings with friends and family.

  • Traditional Burial: It is common for families to pair a traditional burial with standard funeral services. For example, the funeral might be held in our funeral home, a church, or any other event center of your choice. Then, the funeral procession will move to the cemetery where a small service is held before the body is laid to rest.

  • Headstones: When burial is chosen for a casket or urn, it is nice to have a beautiful headstone to mark the grave. One of the benefits of choosing a cemetery burial is that the family has a place to visit and remember the person who has passed. Talk to our team at Peters Funeral Home about your options for headstones to honor the memory of your loved one.

  • Preneed Planning: Why wait for funeral arrangements after a family member has passed away? It can be a stressful experience to begin the funeral planning from scratch at the time of need. Instead, reduce the burden by talking to our team about funeral arrangements in advance. These preneed services ensure that everything will match your preferences after you pass on.

  • At Need Services: Sometimes, preplanning isn’t an option because a funeral is unexpected. Our team is just a phone call away when you require at need funeral services. Call us as soon as possible that we can provide transportation and coordination that is required during every step of the funeral planning process.

  • Scattering of Ashes: An alternative option to burial is to scatter the ashes. Instead of placing the ashes in the ground, you can choose a location where the ashes will be spread. Pick a favorite vacation destination or another outdoor area that the person loved. You can visit this beautiful place to remember the times that were shared with your loved one.


It's easy to design custom funeral services when you choose the leading funeral home in the area: Peters Funeral Home. We invite you to visit one of our locations or call our team to learn about the services that are offered for funeral and cremation in Arvin, CA.


What are Your Questions about Funeral Planning?


The important thing that you need to remember is that funeral planning doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated when you have an experienced funeral director to help. Our team at Peters Funeral Home is here to provide the guidance and support that you need during every stage of the funeral planning process.


Whether you are preparing for a future event or you need immediate funeral services, we are here to help. Read the information on our website, then contact Peters Funeral Home when you are ready for a conversation with a local funeral expert.


We offer everything you need for funeral and cremation planning in Arvin, CA. If you are looking for more information, then Peters Funeral Home is here to assist. Visit our nearest funeral home at 201 S. Hill St, Arvin, CA 93203. Stop by our location to see the facilities. Or, call to set an appointment with our team: (661) 854-6161


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