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The Best Way to Plan a Funeral and Cremation in Lamont, CA

Your loved one deserves quality funeral services, so you are likely feeling a great deal of pressure when designing the funeral plan. What are the right services to honor the memory and love that you share with the deceased? Funeral planning can be a burden, but it doesn’t have to be stressful when you are working with the right funeral home. At Peters Funeral Home, we are here to provide the support and care that you require for funeral and cremation planning in Lamont, CA.


Our team has been serving the community for many years, offering the leading options for traditional and modern funeral services. Instead of assuming that every family prefers the same funeral package, we are working hard to customize the services based on your needs. You are welcome to talk to us any time to discuss your preferences so that we can help you design custom funeral services.


Services for Funeral and Cremation Design in Lamont, CA


There are two purposes for funeral planning. First, you want to showcase the life that was enjoyed by your family member. Second, it is a time when friends and family can discuss memories and pay their respects before the body is laid to rest. As you are selecting the details for the funeral services, you need to consider the desires of the deceased as well as the needs of other family members.


Read these short descriptions to learn about your options for funeral and cremation in Lamont, CA:


  • Burial: Pick a cemetery location where the deceased can be laid to rest. We can assist with the selection of a plot. Or, our team can take care of the arrangements if you already have a family plot where the body should be buried. Burials can be arranged for both caskets and urns.

  • Cremation: Do you prefer to have the remains reduced to ashes instead of placing the body in a casket? Cremation is a respectful way to say goodbye to a loved one. Not only is cremation an affordable option, but it offers flexibility when you are choosing a location to place the ashes. It is common for cremation to be combined with a memorial or funeral service.

  • Direct Cremation: Direct cremation means that you are choosing the cremation services without any supportive funeral options, such as burial, a memorial, or a funeral. The ashes will be placed in the container or urn of your choice. Then, you can choose if you want to include any other DIY memorial gatherings or meetings after the ashes are received.

  • Traditional Burial: There are benefits of a traditional burial since you have a location that can be visited to remember your loved one. We can assist with all of the coordination needed to plan a small graveside service, as well as a procession after the funeral if desired.

  • Headstones: Large pieces of stone are carved into beautiful headstones that can be placed at the top of the grave. You can choose the color, size, and inscription on the headstone. This design is usually placed erect so that it is easy to identify the grave when walking by. Inscriptions often include the person’s name, important dates such as the birth and death, and any other quotes or scriptures that the family chooses.

  • Grave Markers: On the other hand, grave markers are smaller pieces of stones that are designed to be placed flush with the ground. This flat marker often contains similar information listed on a headstone, such as a name and dates.

  • Preneed Services: Preplanning is an excellent solution so that you know the details of the funeral before the date is scheduled. Talk to our team about planning a funeral for yourself if you would like to minimize the burden on your family after you pass away.

  • At Need Services: Our team at Peters Funeral Home also offers at-need services. There are situations when a funeral is unexpected, which means that you have limited time to prepare for the event. We have detailed planning systems in place to reduce your stress during this experience.

  • Scattering of Ashes: If you don’t prefer a cemetery burial, then another option to consider is to scatter the ashes. Choose a location that was important to the deceased or somewhere that is special to your family. Common options include water scatterings, such as over the ocean or a lake. Or, you might scatter the ashes from a mountaintop or in a memorial garden.


As you can see, many services can be included in your funeral plan. We are working hard to offer a variety of options for funeral and cremation planning in Lamont, CA. As you are considering your choices, talk to us at Peters Funeral Home by visiting our nearest location: 844 E Lerdo Hwy, Shafter, CA 93263. Call to schedule a consultation: (661) 746-6314


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