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Answering Common Questions about Funeral and Cremation in McFarland, CA

Don’t be shy to contact our team at Peters Funeral Home if you have questions about funeral planning. We understand that you need to learn about your options before determining the best funeral service for a loved one. Our team is focused on providing the information that is required so that you are comfortable with the services that are selected. We are here to help you find the answers that you need about funeral and cremation planning in McFarland, CA.


When you choose Peters Funeral Home, you will have the peace of mind to know that we never pressure you into unwanted funeral services. Our packages are designed to be flexible, giving you the ability to select the services that are the perfect fit for your needs. Scheduling a consultation with our team means that you will receive the highest level of care. We want to hear your requests to ensure that the funeral services match the traditions and desires of your family.


Services to Consider for Funeral and Cremation Planning in McFarland, CA


The first step of funeral planning is to consider your options for the services. We can assist with at-need funeral services, as well as preplanning if desired. These are some of the details that might be discussed during your consultation:


  • Burial: One option to maintain family traditions is to bury the deceased in a local cemetery. We can assist with the coordination required to place your loved one in a family plot. Or, talk to us if you need assistance choosing a burial plot. Burial services can be arranged for urn and casket placement.

  • Cremation: One solution to simplify the funeral services and reduce costs is to choose cremation. This process reduces the remains to ashes by using heat. The ashes will be placed in an urn. You can choose to schedule a memorial or funeral with the cremation if desired.

  • Direct Cremation: Another option is to request cremation without a formal gathering. You aren’t required to hold a public event if it doesn’t meet the needs of your family. Instead, keep things simple with direct cremation. Talk to our team at Peters Funeral Home about your options.

  • Traditional Burial: When a traditional burial is scheduled, then it means that you are choosing to place the remains in a cemetery plot. This burial is often paired with a small graveside service. Also, it is common to place a headstone or marker to share the information of the person who is placed in the plot.

  • Headstones: A headstone is a great option to honor the memory of your loved one. This memorial is designed with a piece of carved stone, usually granite. The stone is designed to sit erect at the top of the grave. Unique information can be carved into the message, such as the person’s name, important dates, family names, a quote, scriptures, or pictures.

  • Grave Markers: If you are looking for a cheaper option, then a marker might be a good substitute for a headstone. The person’s information is carved into the stone. But instead of standing erect, a marker is placed level with the ground. This smaller stone can be read when someone is standing over the grave.

  • Preneed: Don’t delay the funeral plans that will be needed in the future. Preneed arrangements give you the opportunity to select the details of your funeral. These decisions can be recorded at your convenience so that your family doesn’t have to carry the burden of funeral planning.

  • At Needs: On the other hand, there are times when funeral arrangements are unexpected. At need arrangements can be provided by our team. Call as soon as possible so that we can provide the support that is required when a loved one has passed.

  • Scattering of Ashes: It can be a special experience to return your loved one to the earth by scattering the ashes. After cremation, pick a location where you would like to lay the person to rest. Ashes can be scattered over water or land.


What are your preferences for funeral and cremation in McFarland, CA? Instead of searching the internet for general information, we invite you to talk to our team about the services that are available. Peters Funeral Home is just a phone call away to answer your questions or help you get started with funeral planning.


We have several funeral home locations in the area to support your needs. When you are ready to learn more about funeral and cremation in McFarland, CA, then you need to contact us at Peters Funeral Home. We’re here to offer the caring, supportive services that you need when laying a loved one to rest. Visit our closest location at 1401 7th St, Wasco, CA 93280. Or, call if you would like to set a time for an in-person consultation: (661) 758-5144


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