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What Services are Required for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Wasco, CA?

If you haven’t learned about the funeral industry, then you might assume that all end of life services are designed with the same plan. While many families choose traditional funeral planning, you will find a variety of options if you prefer custom services. The easiest way to learn about these options is to talk to our caring team at Peters Funeral Home. We provide everything that is needed for funeral and cremation planning in Wasco, CA.


The truth is that there are minimal requirements when a person passes away. The body needs to be handled with care and laid to rest according to local laws. But many of the common funeral services are based on the traditions and preferences of the family. It is nice to design an event that honors the memory of your loved one. This gathering is an opportunity for people to discuss their fond memories and work through the grief and loss.


Choice for Funeral and Cremation Services in Wasco, CA


The easiest solution to design a funeral is to learn about the choices that are available. This information will give you the knowledge and trust knowing that you selected the best services to match the desires of the deceased. Here are a few things that you might consider for funeral and cremation planning in Wasco, CA:


  • Burial: Where would you like the person to be laid to rest? If you choose burial, then arrangements will need to be made for a plot in the cemetery of your choice. Our team at Peters Funeral Home can assist with casket burial and ashes burial.

  • Cremation: Another option is to select cremation as the way to care for the remains. This service uses high heat, leaving only the ashes behind. Cremation is commonly paired with other funeral services, such as a memorial or funeral gathering. This event can be held in our funeral home, an event center, or at a church of your choice.

  • Direct Cremation: One way that you can simplify the funeral plan is by choosing cremation without other funeral services. Direct cremation meets the legal requirements to care for the body. It is a respectful way to say goodbye to someone that you love. The ashes are given to your family in a storage container or an urn.

  • Traditional Burial: Several decisions need to be addressed if you choose traditional burial. For example, what kind of marker do you want on the grave? Would you like to hold a small gathering of close family members at the grave before the remains are lowered into the ground? Talk to us about casket selection, vault options, ceremony arrangements, and more.

  • Headstones: A headstone is a traditional way to place a small memorial on the plot of land where the person was laid to rest. Headstones are large pieces of rock carved to the shape and size of your choice. The inscribed stone is placed erect on the grave, allowing people to read the information as they are passing by the headstone.

  • Grave Markers: Alternatively, you might choose a smaller grave marker instead of a full headstone. These stones are designed to lay flat on the grave. Information is inscribed on the stone, but can only be read when the person is standing near the burial plot.

  • Preneed Planning: Take care of funeral arrangements when you are in good health. This preneed service eliminates the burden left on your family after you are gone. Our team at Peters Funeral Home is here to help you design the perfect funeral to match your preferences.

  • At Need Planning: We are also here to provide the support that is required for immediate funeral plans as well. If a loved one passes unexpectedly, then we encourage you to call us as soon as possible.

  • Scattering of Ashes: After cremation, is there a specific place where you want to place the ashes? These remains can be scattered in a memorial garden, scattered over the ocean, planted with a tree, or scattered from the top of a mountain. Choose a location that will be a special place your family can visit.


You have the freedom to design a funeral that honors your loved one and supports your needs as well. Our team is here to provide the assistance that you need for custom funeral planning. When you are ready to get started, it only takes one phone call to our funeral home.


We’re always on hand to answer your questions about funeral and cremation planning in Wasco, CA. For more information, talk to our experienced team at Peters Funeral Home. We have several funeral home locations in the area, making it easy to schedule a funeral close to home. Visit our nearest funeral home at 1401 7th St, Wasco, CA 93280. Call any time: (661) 758-5144


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